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Bev's Talks - Episode 12: Healing Journeys with Blanca Pauliukevicius

Blanca Pauliukevicius of Eco Art Journeys

Blanca Pauliukevicius of Eco Art Journeys

I met Blanca the first night I was in Miami last year.  I was sitting at a very long table at dinner with a group of wonderful women and in came Blanca.  I felt drawn to her broad smile and gracious demeanour immediately.  

Over the few days we attended the conference together we chatted briefly but it wasn't until I came back to New Zealand that I realised the breadth and depth not only to her skills and achievements, but to the work she was doing on behalf of women.

Blanca is the founder of Eco Art Journeys - a travel company that uses an holistic approach to personal transformation and social change by using the healing power of art, nature and philanthropic travel.

Watch the video below to see how Blanca has gone from a financial background in Venezuela and Los Angeles, California to where she is now - empowering women to heal their souls from burnout whilst they help women in developing countries such as Nicaragua to empower their own.