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Bev's Talks - Episode 2: Mitzi Sackett on Yo-Yo Dieting

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with the wonderful Mitzi Sackett of Total Transformation with Mitzi.  (I have to say in my screenshot above I look like some kind of troll and Mitzi looks gorgeous!  haha!)

Mitzi is from up state New York and has been on her own journey of struggling with her weight, health and body from a very young age but has come out the other side to help other women who are going through the same thing.  She has the training, expertise and experience to help you stop yo-yo dieting and obsessive eating and exercise.

She is a Life and Transformation Coach and has been accredited by one of the top programs in the United States.  She is also a group fitness instructor and has a Certification in Nutrition Counseling.  This girl is on the money!!

Check out her interview below:

Mitzi helps you understand WHY, to date, you have only ever had temporary success with your health and wellness goals and empowers you to make new decisions and different choices to get the results and happiness that you truly desire.  

Mitzi has a free e-book for you called 3 Essential Steps to Ending the Dieting Roller Coaster.

In this you will come to understand WHY you haven't been able to stick to a healthy lifestyle up until now, how to remove the excuses that keep you get stuck, exactly what healthy living looks like and gives you clear action steps you can take immediately that will lead to real results.


Just like Nikki (from Episode 1) and me, talking to Mitzi for an initial consultation is always free of charge so if you think that any of the above sounds like you then get in touch with her.  She is the kindest and most warm hearted woman you could ever meet. 

Click HERE to get through to message Mitzi.