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Bev's Talks - Episode 3: Heather Andrews, Mom on the Go!

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I thought this would be a poignant Episode to get out before Xmas. Heather is a Certified Health Coach with 26 years of experience in healthcare coupled with a passion for helping women find health, harmony and happiness.  She is the founder of Follow It Thru Health Coaching and creator of the MOM on the Go Program.

She is ALSO (phew!) co-author of International Best Seller "The No BS Truth - What it Really Takes to Build a Successful Business."

Heather works with women who have gained weight, feel like they are losing themselves, are stressed, maxed out and feel like there life is out of control. These women can't seem to get organized and are hugely overwhelmed and never have enough time.  Oh, and let's throw in Xmas, shall we, for good measure?!

Heather and I talk in depth about the stress of 'busyness' that most women these days experience, how it takes a toll on our lives, our families and our health PLUS what can be done to change things without creating major disruption.

You can watch the episode below.

Heather has a Time Management Challenge you might like to have a look at.  She explains it in detail in the video but CLICK ON THE LINK HERE to download it.

You can contact Heather via either of the links below:

Heather Andrews-Follow it thru Health Coaching