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Bev's Talks - Episode 4: Candice Box on Clearing Energy Blocks for Soulpreneurs

I didn't know what 'The Universe' was (in energetic, spiritual terms) until about 4 years ago. Before that, I thought it was just a vast expanse of space that was somewhere 'out there'.  My first client when I became a Personal Trainer introduced me to the world of clairvoyants which, when I experienced it for myself, convinced me there was more to this life than meets the eye. I'd always secretly hoped there was but, until that time, I'd sat on the fence just hedging my bets.

Since that time I have read books, listened to talks, watched movies and met some amazing people - all of which (and whom) have taught me things about myself and my life, and I know that I have grown as a person because of it.  

One of the people who has come across my path is Candice Box who I met at the business event where I also met the other women who have recently been featured on Bev's Talks.  I'd heard about 'blocks' before and heard them likened to old luggage which we pull around on strings that drag behind us.  I didn't really understand when I first heard about them that they are blocks in our flow of energy and that in fact we are all made up of nothing but energy.  Our thoughts are energy.  Our feelings are energy.  Everything is energy.

Candice is fascinating, and so is her work, and I would encourage you to watch the episode below. Candice is an Intuitive Life Coach and Energy Healer from Honolulu, Hawaii where she lives wiith her soul mate and Maltese dog. She provides coaching to spiritually awakened entrepreneurs who are ready to breakthrough blocks of fear, doubt, and feelings of being stuck to create a business they love and is aligned with their soul's true purpose.

She is an ordained minister, energy healer, and earth steward. She is a graduate of Sacred Path Healing School and consultant for Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). She has a bachelor's in Business from the University of Hawaii and owns 2 successful businesses in Honolulu, Hawaii as a intuitive life coach and massage therapist.

Candice's area of expertise is in clearing blocks, patterns, and limiting beliefs ingrained in a person's energetic field and programmed in their soul records so that they are freely able to align with their soul's potential and live their true purpose.

She supports her clients in building a strong foundation aligned with the 4 key pillars of healthy relationships, self-care, connection to spirit, and service to their community. She is passionate about her work and approaches her business as a spiritual journey - and I think she's flippin' marvellous!

Candice works online with people all over the world.   You can find her on Facebook by clicking on the link below:

And this is the link to Candice's website: