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Bev's Talks - Episode 5: Carina Allen on Adrenal Fatigue

I met Carina last year after she wrote to me asking about my experience of advertising on a local website.  As we both live in Wellington (and even the same suburb!) we had coffee.  We connected immediately as we are both incomers (Carina is originally from Cape Town, South Africa), we both work in the Health Industry and we are both entrepreneurs.

Carina told me of her journey with adrenal fatigue and how, as she gradually recovered, the idea for her business,  The Zen Division, came about.  The Zen Division, plus her Facebook Group: Zentensions, are dedicated to inspiring mindful living and promoting intentional self care in a world where 'busyness' and burnout are fast becoming the norm.

During the ten years she has worked in the mental health sector, plus talking to many women, she discovered that she was by no means alone and the symptoms of this condition are being experienced on an epidemic scale - and predominantly by women.

Watch the video below to learn more about adrenal fatigue and how it affects our bodies and mental health and, ultimately, what you can do to resolve it.

During the Episode, Carina talks about The Zen Division acupressure mats. Here is the link to purchase a mat:

When you get to the checkout use the code: Bev's Talks

Here is the link to Carina's Facbook Group: Zentensions