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Bev's Talks - Episode 6: Jennifer Adams On Sleeping Apart From Your Partner

Jennifer Adams in action!

Jennifer Adams in action!

Living on my own right now I sleep without disturbance, but I know that there are many women out there who can't sleep like a starfish and are woken regularly by a partner who snores or who moves incessantly.

Cue Jennifer Adams - my latest guest on Bev's Talks.  Although there are literally hundreds of books that have been written on the subject of sleep, Jennifer is the only person globally that has had a book published about sleeping separately from your partner.

Her book is entitled "Sleeping Apart - Not Falling Apart: How to Get a Good Night's Sleep and Keep your Relationship Alive."

Jennifer is 50, married and very open about the fact that she sleeps in a separate room to her husband.  After discussing the topic with hundreds of people over about four years, she decided to research the subject further and embarked on her new writing career.

Jennifer is a wonderful friend of mine who approaches the subject of separate sleeping, as she does life, with humour and sincerity and her mission is to gain as much awareness of the subject as possible to shatter the stigma of sleeping separately from your partner.

In this episode she talks about why she wrote the book, attitudes to sleep, social norms and behaviours and the health implications of sleeping with a disruptive partner.

From my own perspective of working with women every day, I know that sleep can be a big issue when you're simply not getting enough - whether that be through a disruptive partner, night sweats or an overactive bladder - and that when you make it a priority to improve it, it can literally change your life.

You can find Jennifer at her website Sleeping Apart Not Falling where you will find her blogs, news and magazine articles, TV interviews (yes, I have a celebrity friend!) PLUS a download of one chapter from her book.

Jenny regularly receives emails from people who are desperate for help and she always has the time to write back to help them.

You can also find her on Facebook HERE

We both hope you enjoy the episode!  Click on the link below to watch: