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Bev's Talks - Episode 7: Jennifer Rohner on Being 'Imperfectly Spiritual'

Jennifer Rohner of Imperfectly Spiritual

Jennifer Rohner of Imperfectly Spiritual

Bev's Talks has grown into a platform for me to highlight the work of incredible and amazing women who are doing extraordinary things in the world.  One such woman is Jennifer Rohner who is a Spiritual Teacher, Writer and Coach from North Carolina in the United States.  She helps women get in touch with their Soul and make their big Life Purpose happen.

I mean, have you ever wondered why you're here, what life is all about and why you find that you watch other people do the same things that you’ve done but they seem to be doing better than you?  I certainly have and Jennifer has, too.

I, personally, have been stuck in a career that was screaming at me that I should be doing something else.  I've been in a marriage where I knew I shouldn't be.  But so many of us stay stuck and can't find a way out. Jennifer's mission is to help you get in touch with what you are here to do and to make the "woo-woo" real, practical and accessible.

Jennifer hasn't had this career path all her life.  She has been a medical professional, a school teacher, a personal trainer (snap!) and SO much more; but all of her 'earth-time' experiences have led her here: to a place where she's been able to find her true calling and help others do the same.

Although I am nowhere near in touch with my spirituality as much as Jennifer is with hers, I feel that I have trod a similar path to a certain extent as I, too, have had numerous jobs and lived in different countries and cities - always searching for the true meaning to my existence.  I know I'm not the only one.

But now I feel I am 'coming home'.  I know I'm supposed to be working with women and I know that what I want for every woman (not just those of us over 40) is to be our best selves - living our lives bravely and optimistically.

I truly believe that you can change your life at any time if you really want to.  You can be or do anything you want if you have the courage to stand up and say you don't want what you currently have.  Screw societal norms and live life to the max.  Do it now!  :) 

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