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Bev's Talks- Episode 8: Free Yourself From Depression with Haley Reese

Haley Reese, Holistic Health & Happiness Coach

Haley Reese, Holistic Health & Happiness Coach

Haley Reese hasn't always been the optimistic, bright and vivacious young woman that I met in Miami last year.  Currently living in San Francisco, California, Haley runs a successful online business helping women all over the world rid their lives of depression so they can achieve lifelong health and happiness.  

In her own words:

"From the about the age of 4 to 24, I suffered from clinical depression and anxiety, believing that I was just born unhappy while others were born happy. I didn’t understand why life felt so hard to me, why I wanted to hide from the world, why I didn’t feel confident in my own body or skin, when on the outside I was living a very comfortable life. Starting in middle school and following me through college with the death of my best friend Gisele, suicide was a recurring theme that I experienced through multiple avenues. After Gisele took her own life, I knew with complete certainty that suicide was never the answer and for the first time saw in myself what had gotten me this to this point: there was always a teeny-tiny glimmer of hope telling me “there’s something better.”

It was that glimmer of hope that never was extinguished in me, that constantly pushed me to keep going, keep seeking answers and keep bettering myself. When I paired this perseverance and implemented my new-found knowledge of nutrition, mindset and self-care, I healed and freed myself from my depression. When I confronted and accepted my own story, I knew that my calling was to help others find their own freedom, health and happiness.

I am so grateful that as a Holistic Health and Happiness Coach, I get to pursue my calling and help other women find their place in the world."

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