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I am so proud of the great results that women get from my programs but I also know that this is an ongoing journey so I wanted to provide something that keeps everyone on track, inspired and motivated along the way.

I wanted to make it affordable and supportive, where women could learn from others, share their experiences and grow in an intimate group as well as get coaching from me.

I am launching group coaching only for clients who have been through my program so we can take your work even further and keep you on track to ultimate vitality and being your best version of yourself.

Group coaching is a powerful way to do this as hearing the strategies I will be sharing with others will help you to keep improving your well being and success and hear different perspectives and challenges and how to deal with them.

I am really excited to be offering this to committed and inspiring women who know that putting their wellbeing on the agenda regularly is the best way to stay happy and healthy.

We all know what it feels like if we do get off-track and the quickest way to get back on track or not go off in the first place is through the support of women on the same journey and a coach who knows how to get you results.

Investing in ourselves is the best investment we can ever make and I am really looking forward to sharing your ongoing journeys and celebrating your continued success.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Regular accountability, guidance and motivation
  • A private community of like-minded women
  • Accountability partners and motivational support within the group
  • An opportunity to make friends and to learn from others
  • Individual coaching catch-ups with me start at $120 per hour.  This is $29 for 4 hours!
  • It's an affordable way of keeping on track and to benefit from next level coaching
  • Exclusive group of graduate clients
  • Access to a private Facebook Group only for members of the Graduate Client Coaching Program
  • Regular refresher of your Feel Fabulous Program knowledge
  • No long term commitment, no contracts, cancel any time
  • Weekly video calls lasting 60 - 90 minutes
  • Access to recordings of all calls on a members only site
  • You don't need to speak or be seen - you can just listen if you want to
  • An opportunity to ask me questions that are specific to YOU
  • Some tough love and LOTS of support!


Your investment?  Only $29/month

Join below!