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I am no longer working as a Personal Trainer or Health Coach. Thank you for visiting my website.

My Feel Fabulous at Over 40! Program is for women who long to be confident in their own skin, take control of their lives and want to feel energetic and sexy again. I'm a Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Menopause Specialist here to give you your vitality back.

No crazy bootcamps or fad diets in sight!!

Welcome!  I'm Bev Short and I'm committed to helping women live their best lives at over 40 and that means with energy, vitality, health and zest!

We all know the typical challenges of ageing - weight gain, menopausal symptoms, low mood and emotional changes. This can really impact the way we feel about ourselves and our future.

I've dedicated the last 5 years to finding simple ways to manage all those things and more, so you can have the life and body that you are happy with.

My work is based around what I call the Five Keys - nutrition, exercise/movement, sleep, stress reduction and mindset but it goes much deeper than that as my approach works on many kinds of ailments and general wellbeing.

Through my own journey and working with all sorts of women, I know that you can start making small changes in your life straight away that will completely transform the way you look and feel.

The strategies I share with my clients are easy to apply, natural, holistic and life changing.

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There’s so much information out there, it's hard to know where to even start. That's why I have taken the thinking out it for you and tailor everything to you and your lifestyle.

With these tools you will always know the best choices to make to feel your best.

You will feel in control of your body and wellbeing and any ailments and low mood will dramatically improve.

I always work with nutrition, fitness and managing stress but we also work on what you truly want out of life and what is holding you back.

We look at what is causing these symptoms in your life at all levels and how to solve the triggers - sometimes it's purely nutritional and sometimes it's about particular stressors as well.

I'm here to help you get the most out of being you and breathe the life back into you. My clients feel happier, energised, healthy and ready to start creating the life they want.

My clients have all had success with varying conditions including weight loss, alleviating headaches, allergies, acid reflux, irritable bowel, anxiety and insomnia - as well as dramatically decreasing (and eliminating!) menopausal symptoms.

I want to share these strategies with you.

Even if you just feel like you've lost the old "you," I can show you some really simple ways to reactivate your life and get your vitality back.

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Spot the difference!

This is me.  I've changed and you can, too!  I can teach you how to eat for health and weight loss, exercise for energy and fitness and how to take control of your life through sustainable changes.


"Bev is a perky pocket-rocket of positivity, energy and enthusiasm for women living fit, healthy and fulfilled lives. She is a great communicator and right from the word go she has shown only support and commitment in helping me to regain my flexible, fit, healthy and happy self."  

Trish, Wellington

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Don't live in Sydney, Australia?  Not a problem! I have clients who I coach online via Skype. Technology is a wonderful thing!  :)

"Bev's coaching has truly changed my life.  During my time with Bev I have regained my energy and lost weight!  Bev showed me how to change my eating habits and to fit exercise into my life.  I have tried many diets before seeing Bev which had only temporary results.  Bev's program has set me on the path to healthy eating, a consistent weight and a happier life!"

Ellie, Wellington

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