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Aqua-jogging ain't just for OAPs!

Over the past few months I have taken up aqua-jogging with my trusted and wonderful client, Claire.  We can be seen regularly on a Thursday morning heading to the local pool for our 45 minute fix of water paddling amongst octogenarians of both sexes.

To be honest, I never thought I would be seen donning a flotation device and taking to the water like a blue finned tuna with ants in his pants.  But... times change and I have come to realise the huge benefits of wading through the resistance of heavily chlorinated water.  Here's why:

  1. It's a low impact activity and is therefore good when you are injured, eg. from running. In fact, many athletes in rehab use aqua jogging to keep their muscles strong and active.
  2. It's a cross training activity (you use both arms and legs) which can improve your fitness.
  3. The resistance of the water raises your heart rate and provides cardiovascular benefits.
  4. You don't need to be a good swimmer.  You just pop on a flotation belt and away you go.
  5. You don't get water in your eyes or mouth and you don't get your hair wet.  I've seen ladies in full makeup in the pool!
  6. You are working your shoulders, back, legs and core muscles - all without the bits of swimming lots of people dislike.
  7. It's a good cardiovascular workout and a change from your usual routine of, say, treadmill running.
  8. It's great exercise if you have arthritis.
  9. It's great fun and you can have a chat with your mate at the same time.

Here's an informational video:

And this guy's pretty impressive because half the time he doesn't even use a float!