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Know Your Value And Thrive

On a recent Skype call with the President of the Women Speakers Association I was asked if I would like to take part in an edition of their 'TV show'.  Not one to hide my light under a bushel I jumped at the chance.  I'm always saying I'm a "well kept secret" so I thought this could be an ideal way to step into the spotlight and highlight the work that I do and how I love to help midlife women regain control of their bodies to feel their very best.

It was a nerve racking experience for me as I had never done anything like this before, and I am very new to speaking, but you can only grow if you step out of your comfort zone - so that's what I did.

The topic was poignant for me as a recurrent theme I hear from women on a Health Strategy Call is that they put themselves last in the equation.  Partners, kids, ageing parents, their careers, homes and even their pets tend to come before they do.  

It is in a woman's inherent nature to be the carer and comforter but our roles in society have changed to the point that we are juggling so many balls at one time that eventually one will fall - and that ball is generally our own health.

Lack of sleep, eating the wrong foods (or not eating at all), pressure at work and at home plus trying to find time for friends and family means that self care is generally last on the list.  Our cortisol levels rise causing tired adrenal glands plus our hormones become further imbalanced worsening menopausal symptoms so we not only feel like crap but we also can't lose, or we continue to put on, weight.

What most of us forget is that we are the rock that our families are built upon and that if we crumble, the whole lot comes tumbling down.  It is not only in your own best interests but in your family's to look after your physical and emotional wellbeing.  When you do that, you will not only thrive personally but it has a ripple effect around you and it's a win win situation for your family, too.

I really enjoyed the whole experience and it was lovely to meet even more people across the miles.

When I finished I came out and went Live in Facebook where I talked about the experience. You can watch that below.

So if you feel that you are one of those women who are tired, suffering from horrible menopausal symptoms, carrying extra weight you can't budge and are stressed then please get in touch.  You are worth looking after.  Your family et al are NOT more important than you are and remember - to look after yourself is not only doing something for you - it's doing it for them, too.

You can contact me here if you'd like to chat:  

Until next time...