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Mastering your Mindset

I know I have written about being positive before (actually, I think it was round about when my husband left a year ago practically to the day): 


Funny how it seems to have reared its head a year on - there may be something in that!

I don't know about you but I can struggle with my mindset at times. Hormones play a big part for me because if they are going haywire then my whole positivity heads south.

It's a dreary Sunday here in Wellington and this morning I chose to lie on the sofa and listen to a webinar on Money Mindset which was through Mind Valley Academy.  I pay $30 US per month to learn about how to improve my consciousness and my mindset.  

My feeling is that if you stop learning you stop growing so I am always reading books and listening to things, such as the money mindset webinar, to find out things that will help me become a better person and/or help me improve my life in some way.  

I'm just like everyone else in the world in that I struggle at times with my mindset.  Life can be tough and to be perpetually optimistic and upbeat can be difficult.  I do try, though, but I choose to read and listen to things that will keep my focus on positive mindset rather than the alternative.

Through an investment I made recently to  hire a business coach in New York, I came across the wonderful Ramona Remesat who is an Intuitive Mindset Coach, Speaker and Author from Canada.  She has studied self-development and metaphysics for over 30 years and now teaches women coaches and service-based entrepreneurs how to conquer their unhealthy negative thinking habits, and hone their inner GPS, so they can get out of their own way and make great money doing what they love.  Ramona has been a guest on several podcast and radio interviews including Wake Up Motivated, Thrive with Heather Poduska and Advancing Entrepreneur and she is also the winner of the 2016 Influential Businesswoman Award for Most Inspirational BusinessWoman Coach. Her work is also featured in Trifecta Magazine for Mind, Body and Spirit.  

The techniques she talks about can be used in any area of your life, though. You don't have to be an entrepreneur to put in practice what she can teach you.

This is a link to her free video series The Three Essential Steps to Getting Anything You Want in Life.   She really is an angel walking on this earth and I am so happy to be able to now call her a friend.  

We're all a work in progress but to keep progressing we need to learn. Ramona is definitely worth a look.

Since working with my coach, Carolin Soldo, I have been learning about all manner of things I never thought I would have to, eg. online marketing, my money story, my business mindset... The list goes on. 

And when I've been under stress (which has been a lot!) I struggle even more to remain positive.

Carolin has recommended certain reading and I have to say that I have got something out of each book.  Not the whole book by any means - but I've had at least one light bulb moment with each of them.

Here they are:

Leveraging the Universe by Mike Dooley

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles

Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks

Co-Dependent No More by Melody Beattie.


Other books I have chosen for myself are:

The Honeymoon Effect by Bruce H. Lipton

Change your Thoughts, Change Your Life by Dr Wayne Dyer

The Biology of Belief by Bruce H. Lipton.


I highly recommend them all.  


A client of mine likens the emotional baggage we all carry around to dragging around large suitcases attached to us with string.  We can lighten our loads, though, we just need to keep working on ourselves and keep believing.

Until next time....