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Here's how it works...

  • You will receive a Personalised Nutrition Plan based on your BMR (Base Metabolic Rate).  To calculate this I will need your height, your activity levels and your weight sent to me via email. 
  • Once I have this information I will send you your Plan plus the Food Lists which accompany it. This gives you portion sizes in accordance with your plan.
  • Once everyone in the group has their plan I will set up a group Zoom video call to take you through how to use your Nutrition Plan and the Food Lists.
  • We will then have a follow-up group Zoom call 1 week later to go over anything that people may be unsure of.

This is an integral part of my one on one coaching and is what creates the biggest physical change for my clients. All the training you are receiving in the group is necessary to really understand what you are doing with your Plan and why.  

The Nutrition Plan is nothing without the other pieces to the jigsaw.

If you have any further questions, please just ask in the group.

Your investment is $149.00

N.B.  Wait for redirect page after going through Paypal.  It will contain further information.  :)