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Feel Fabulous at Over 40!

My Programs are for women over 40 who long to be confident in their own skin, take control of their lives and want to feel energetic and sexy again.  I'm a menopause specialist and health coach here to give you your vitality back.


Do you desire to…

  • Feel younger, slimmer and regain confidence in yourself and your body?
  • Enjoy a calmer, slower existence - living life on your own terms?
  • Have all day energy, a zest for life and optimism for your future?


To get there you need to:

  • Break the pattern of putting yourself last in the equation and thinking that everybody else is more important than you.
  • Examine your diet and lifestyle and realise that there are changes to be made in order to achieve weight loss and health.
  • Stop feeling invisible, frumpy and old and realise that you are still an amazing person with much to offer yourself and the world.


I know that right now you’re struggling with:

  • Menopausal symptoms that prevent you from enjoying your life to the fullest.
  • Reduced confidence due to weight gain, especially around your waistline, which you cannot budge no matter how hard you try – and you have tried!
  • Poor sleep, tiredness, afternoon energy crashes and a busy schedule due to work and family commitments.


I understand how you feel and you’re in the right place!



My clients have told me that this program has literally changed their life!


Feel Fabulous at Over 40! is for you if you think you’ll never lose those stubborn pounds around your waistline; are exercising like crazy and seeing no results; and you’re so exhausted that your life feels like you’re running from one thing to the next like a headless chicken getting nowhere.


I educate you

Unlike many fitness and weight loss programs, this is specialised for women over 40.  It is also designed for you to learn about your body and why it behaves the way it does during this stage of your life.  And food won’t be just food anymore.  You won’t be blindly following an eating plan or be given food ‘just to lose weight’.  You will gain knowledge about food and how it affects the hormones in your body.  Where there is knowledge there is power and understanding what happens when you eat certain foods – good or bad – gives you the an educated choice of what to put in your mouth.  There are no diets; no deprivation.  Once you learn HOW to eat, you can eat a LOT!


I show you how

I show you how to make the changes in your diet and lifestyle to fit in not only with your own life, but that of your family.  It’s not hard and it’s not rocket science.  Where there’s a will there’s a way and I show you how you can eat to fuel your body, balance your blood sugar and do the same with your husband, partner or family.


I hold your hand

During the program, I’m your biggest supporter and trusted confidante.  I’ll be there to support you during this life changing process; to pick you up if you fall (and we all have hiccups!) and to help you through the minefield of life’s curve balls that are thrown your way.  I truly believe that if I can do it, you can do it too. I’ll always have your back!


I’m your partner

Think of me as more than a coach.  While you’re implementing this progam I’ll act as your friend and partner.  I keep you at the top of my mind and truly take a vested interest in your success.  Remember, I’ve been where you are now.  I know how you feel and I know the difficulties but, remember, I changed my life around.  It’s all achievable!

And it doesn't matter where you are in the world!  I have had clients in Oman, the UK and Italy as well as all over New Zealand. You get the same results whether you are online via skype or in the same room as me! 



This program gives women the knowledge and self confidence to change their lives for the better.  Together we’ll:

Bust your weight loss rut to achieve a slimmer and more toned body whilst teaching you how to balance your hormones to sustain it.

  • Lift your energy levels and tiredness by learning how to eat to keep your energy going throughout the day and into the evening.
  • Reduce menopausal and health related symptoms naturally.
  • Improve sleep patterns and examine stress levels to help further balance your hormones naturally.
  • Examine your goals and life values to give you focus and direction through this period of change and onwards to your future.


Feel Fabulous at Over 40! isn’t a typical health or fitness program.  I show you that you can move from striving to thriving during your mid-life years into what can be the best time of your life!  You don’t have to wait another minute!


Here’s what to expect after working with me:

1.   Power over your body.  It won’t be running the show anymore.  You will!  By learning how to eat, sleep and reduce stress to balance your hormones you can expect to look and feel bright, energised, slimmer and healthier.

2.   Confidence in who you are, what you want to be and where you are going.  Once you feel physically better, the mind will follow and consequently you are capable of anything!

3.   Structure in your life according to your goals and values.  We will look at how your new health and lifestyle will be incorporated into the ‘bigger picture’ and explore your options for an abundant future.

4.   You’ll create habits that will last a lifetime.  The Program won’t be just a passing phase.  During this time we will work together so what you learn will stick.  It will be the foundation for the future of a healthier and longer life for you.

5.   I will design and train you on exercise programs that will fit in with your lifestyle for the long term.  You will understand what kind of exercise is best suited to your body and your stage in life plus how to get the most out of it to gain maximum results in fitness and toning – and none of them need involve a gym if you don't want them to.

6.   You will have time management skills so menu planning, shopping, cooking, exercising and stress reduction can all fit nicely into your lifestyle.  No more running around like a headless chicken!

7.   An understanding of how supplements and superfoods can help with your health and wellbeing and guidance on particular products.

8.   You will feel (in the words of my former clients) fulfilled, fit, flexible, healthy, happier, lighter, toned, stronger, excited about life, energetic, knowledgeable and more in control. 



The Steps!

I know that each woman I work with arrives with her own unique health issues, life story and background.  I’ll meet you where you are and take the time to get to know you so we can work at your pace and go through the program in a way that fits with your needs.  Together we will:

Phase one – Dive into a very in-depth health and habits assessment so I can see exactly what is going on for you physically and emotionally and exactly how I can help you.  This leads to your personalised nutrition plan and exercise strategies along with education around macronutrientally balancing your meals and the type of exercise to help your body, not hinder it, plus how to fit it all into your lifestyle.

Phase two – Covers where you are at in your life and what you want for your future whilst learning about your body during menopause and the nutrition necessary to keep your hormones balanced and you functioning at your very best which, in turn, gives you the energy and knowledge to make choices.  Knowledge is power!

Phase three – Navigate the minefields of eating out and understanding food labels along with education around cravings and energy crashes plus menu planning and grocery shopping for success.

Phase four – Examines your sleep regime and stress levels and how each is integral to a holistic approach to health and well-being.  Together we will ensure you are getting the most from your nightly routines and reducing your stress levels.

And all the while… you will be forming habits and a foundation that will keep you on the path of health and happiness long after you graduate from the program.  Becoming healthy, well and lean is not just about diet and exercise and we explore the reasons why and what to do to make your life better.





  • Your own Personalised Nutrition Plan calculated in accordance with your Base Metabolic Rate.
  • A complete Food List with portion sizes of major food groups plus sample meal plans.
  • The Guide which contains 77 pages of material with regard to everything you will learn during the Program – and MORE!
  • A Recipe Book which contains macronutrientally balanced recipes covering breakfasts, lunch, dinner, sides, shakes and delicious desserts!
  • A Nutrition, Exercise and Wellness Diary template where you will track your food, exercise, moods, sleep, energy levels, appetite and fluid intake.
  • PDF handouts sent to your email each week which cover extra information on the week’s topic of education.
  • Your exercise advice can either be Personal Training sessions with me at the gym or a gym or home workout program.
  • Exclusive email access to me 6 days per week Monday through Saturday.  (If you live in Australia I am also available by text Monday to Friday.)



Contact me HERE

This step-by-step plan is only for women who are serious about reclaiming their youth and forging ahead confidently and courageously living life to the max – and seeing results is just a few short weeks!



I know what it takes to change!

  • I’ve been where you are now and I lost my extra weight and turned my life around.
  • I’ve trained as a Food and Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer and Menopause Specialist in order to help YOU.
  • I live my life with energy and positivity and have maintained my weight for the last 5 years.

I always say to my clients “If I can change, anybody can!” and I truly believe that.  If you want to change, you can – and I’m proof of that. 




You’re ready for Feel Fabulous at Over 40! if:

  • You know what you're doing right now isn't working.
  • You'd like to learn how to eat for sustainable weight management so you can reclaim your youth to feel confident and beautiful once again.
  • You long to reduce menopausal symptoms to feel happier and more like your old self. 
  • You yearn to take back control of your life and slow down to feel more calm and inner peace.

You’re probably not ready if:

  • You are unwilling to step outside the box and try something new to enrich your life.
  • You lack drive and commitment to improving your health and well-being.
  • You're not interested in living a happier and, potentially, longer life.
  • You would rather remain tired, stressed, moody and continually yo-yo dieting.



Contact me HERE

I have spent five years and nearly $20,000 gaining the knowledge to get where I am.  Do you have that kind of patience, time or money?  I didn’t think so…  You can learn in just weeks what I have painstakingly learned in 5 years so you don’t have to flounder anymore trying diets that don’t work, wasting money on gym memberships you don’t use and hiring young and inexperienced Personal Trainers that have no understanding of what you are going through and how to work your body.

I’m only one person but I believe in giving myself fully.  My time fills up quickly and I can never guarantee how long it will be until there’s room in my diary for more clients.  If you’re serious about getting healthy, losing those stubborn pounds, feeling less tired and stressed and wanting control of your body and your life again then you need to take action now.

I’m also selective about who I work with.  I need to know that you are fully committed to changing up your life and feeling better about yourself.  I therefore only make a limited number of spots available for working with me each month, so go ahead, claim yours before someone who wants it more grabs it first.




If you’re honest with yourself, you probably haven’t been happy for a long time.  To get your ‘old self’ back you need to get motivated and do something concrete now.  If you want to feel slimmer, more toned, younger, more beautiful, sexy, energetic and calm, it’s your time NOW!

Frequently asked Questions

Q:    Who is this program for?

A:    Any woman on the planet over the age of 40 who struggles with menopausal symptoms, extra weight they can’t shift, low energy, sleeplessness, stress and who feels unconfident, fed up and at the point where they want things to change.  They may have tried other weight loss and health programs but are still struggling with the same issues.  It’s for any woman who wants to try a specialised program whilst being supported by a coach who knows her pain.


Q:    How do I know if I’m ready?

A:    You’re reading this page for one.  You also know in your gut if you’re ready to commit to change.  Your gut is a powerful tool and you must listen to it.  If it says you are, you are – and vice versa.


Q:    How can I fit changes into my life without affecting my family?

A:    Easily.  Ask all the other women who’ve been on the program.  It isn’t about ‘dieting’ or deprivation or crazy, fad foods.  This is all about managing your lifestyle and diet without major interruption to your current routine in a way that is sustainable for the future.  The program is all about good health and balance.  What’s good for you will also be good for your family and for their future, too.


Q:    I don’t have the time.

A:    We all have the time to do the things we want to do.  It goes back to the question of whether you truly want to commit to change.  If you do, you will find the time and if you don’t, you won’t.  This isn’t a time consuming program.  It’s designed to fit into your life easily without disruption.


Q:    But I know how to eat already.

A:    You may well do, but something isn’t going according to plan or you wouldn’t be reading this page.  We are all much more aware these days of nutrition but we can still go wrong with our choices.  There is also having an understanding of how our bodies change at this time and how our diet should alter accordingly – hence macronutrient balanced meals which will level your hormones to achieve sustainable weight loss and increased energy.


Q:    Surely if I just eat less and exercise more I can do this alone?

A:    No!  That’s what we all think, hence everyone going crazy on cross trainers at the gym for hours on end and eating ready-made diet meals but still not losing weight or feeling well and healthy.  Things change at this time of your life and understanding how to eat and how to exercise for maximum benefit will save you a lot of time and money.


Q:    Other weight loss programs are cheaper so why would I do this?

A:    I have clients that have done many different kinds of programs and have lost weight and put it all back on not long afterwards only to, time and time again, repeat it and have the same outcome.  The difference between those programs and what I do is not only am I there to support, challenge and encourage you every week for three months, but I share my knowledge and resources to help you individually through what can be a difficult time in your life.  You come away with oodles of understanding of your body and nutrition.


Q:    How can I justify spending this much money on myself?

A:    What price can you put on health and happiness?  What do we have if we don’t have our health and we’re unhappy?  What could you do if you felt more confident and had boundless energy?  What would be your ideal day?  Think about that and then ask if that is possible now.  If it isn’t then you are worth the investment in yourself.  I can personally spend nearly $2,000 per year on my hairdresser and hair products but because it goes out in dribs and drabs I don’t notice it so much.  You only have one life and I believe every woman is worth looking and feeling her very best to get the absolute maximum out of her life – and that includes you!


Q:    Is the program hard to follow and to fit in with my life?

A:    No, absolutely not.  We go slowly and at your pace.  We don’t ever move on until you are ready and that will depend on your level of knowledge and how well you adapt to your new routines.  There will always be obstacles but life is all about how you handle Plan B.  I’m there to help you with any curve balls that are thrown your way.


Q:    How is Feel Fabulous at Over 40! different from other programs?

A:    It is scientific, educational, specialised, individualised, supportive, fun and life changing.  Plus it has ME and other programs don’t have that!


Q:    What if I’m not ready to leave the program or I haven’t lost the weight I wanted to?

A:    Then I am still here for you and will give you the necessary help and support you need until you are ready to leave and manage on your own.


Q:    I’ve got questions, how can I contact you?

A:    You can write to me via the contact form here and we can either skype chat or I can telephone, whichever you prefer.


Q:    I don’t live in Sydney or Australia.  How can you coach me?

A:    Easy!  We get on skype and it’s just like being in the same room.  I have had clients all over the world so if you are in a different country we just work out the time difference and away we go!


Q:    I’m excited to join up, what do I do next?

Just click here and fill out the form and send it to me.  I'll be in touch within 24 hours.  Looking forward to talking to you!