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*  "When I first started with Bev I was depressed, obsessed with my body, and beating myself up constantly for eating the “wrong food” and not exercising enough and struggling with hot flushes, mood swings, sleepless nights and many of the other 'joys' of menopause and in general stressing myself out about for being overweight. I had tried loads of different programmes and spent a lot of money all with few or no results.

I found Bev on Google and as a New Zealander living in Oman (the Middle East) I was drawn to her; when she offered me a free consultation to see if she could help me out I thought it was worth a shot.

Deciding to sign up for the coaching with Bev has been a major, positive turning point in my 50+ life. When everything else had failed this program worked and I got way more than I expected from it.

So what makes working with Bev a stand out winner?

  • Bev has a fantastic warm, empathetic and bubbly personality and she really knows what she is talking about - her weekly coaching session are pivotal in the changes you will make.
  • She walks you through each stage of her approach one step at a time.
  • Her advice is pitched at you and your issues - the plan is personalised and designed to match the things you are struggling with.
  • Its not just about food and exercise - underpinning Bev's coaching is a focus on feeling happy now!!! and being good enough now!! - rather than being happy some time in the future when you look better
  • Bev doesn’t judge - but at the same time she will call you out on things so you don’t get away with giving up on yourself
  • This isn’t a fad diet - its an education program that will help you to make choices and changes that your body will love you for.

By the end of my program, I

  • Feel happier about myself than I have in years.
  • Have changed the way I shop for, prepare and think about food - I used to feel I was depriving myself of all the foods I loved - now I just want to fuel myself with the best quality food I can get.
  • Am sleeping so well and my menopause symptoms are negligible - whoop whoop !!
  • Have more energy and enjoy the exercise I choose to do.
  • Am more toned, fitter and stronger and I fit my clothes again.
  • Am far more tuned into what my body needs and I am also better at responding to the messages - for example resting and relaxing when I am tired.
  • Love who I see in mirror - even though she still has some curves.
  • Know that I can continue to apply the ideas that I have learned

I have loved working with Bev. She is down to earth, a great listener, and has a wonderful sense of humour. Bev lives what she coaches and she is a fantastic role model for 40+ women.

Thanks for everything Bev I am so grateful for all your help, friendship and support."

Sue, Oman

*  "I worked with Bev for about 6 months and my life changed dramatically in that time. Bev gave me the knowledge and tools to understand what my body needs and how it responds to food. When I started seeing her, I was experiencing menopause symptoms, had very low energy, and many poor health symptoms. Although I wasn't eating too unhealthily, I wasn't doing what my body needed. After a few weeks of working with Bev and changing my diet, I started to feel better with a little more energy. Each week she kept me on track, adding some more knowledge to my repertoire including physical activity, supplements, self awareness and goal setting. Now, my menopause symptoms are virtually gone, I have tons of energy, have lost a substantial amount of weight and gained strength. My other poor health symptoms have also diminished dramatically including IBS. I highly recommend Bev to anyone wanting to do what I did."

Katie H, Wellington New Zealand

*  "Your eating plan has changed my life. I got on the scales this morning and have shed another kilo. I am very happy. I am sticking with the vitamins and I really enjoy the 11am protein shake. 

I definitely look at food in a different way these days. It's all thanks to you - you have helped me change my life. I am forever grateful."

Karen - Wellington

*  "I am delighted to write this testimonial.

November last year, I saw a photo of me taken at my birthday dinner. I wasn't overweight, but I didn't look great either.

I had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis seven and half years earlier, in my 40's, a mother of two teenagers and running a small business. I was shattered!

Due to my diagnosis, I was a careful eater, I meditated, became a vegan, and exercised as often as I could. But the weight was still slowly creeping up, I was struggling to sleep properly, had regular headaches, nightly night sweats and my menstrual cycle was all over the place.

I came across Bev's Christmas 'Special' for her program on one of our social network community groups and so I emailed her asking if she could help me, given I had such a chronic health condition I wasn't really holding much hope.

Bev called me immediately and said, "Of course I can help you!" The rest, as they say, is history. We met and Bev has quite literally changed my life!! I started on Bev's four-week Special but loved it so much I went on and did a further six weeks with her.

Bev taught me so much about hormones, nutrition and I now know how to eat for my body which has increased my energy. But it wasn't just about food, it was far more than that. Bev helped me with my work and personal life goal setting, she helped me with an exercise programme, which was not an easy thing to do given my disease and essentially gave me a good dose of reality checking in a kind, professional and supportive way.

Bev doesn't judge, she has heard it all before and has gone through so much herself. This is why working with her is so wonderful.

I'm now at the end of my program and what have I achieved? Well, I have lost a reasonable amount of weight (and I wasn't even trying!). I sleep through the night, I hardly ever have night sweats, headaches are gone, my menstrual cycle is more in sync; I'm stronger, happier and my body feels like I'm back to where I was in my 20s.

On top of all of this, I recently saw my neurologist who was blown away at how well I was doing and how much I have improved since the last year he saw me.

I love clothes shopping again!! Such a lovely feeling to put on a pair of jeans and ask the assistance for a smaller size. Friends see me and ask what I have been doing because I look so well.

With the tools, the education and the coaching Bev has given me, I no longer worry about my body, I know that I will be able to maintain this because it's easy and real life; there are no gimmicks.

So if anyone out there is reading this and you are wanting that support and guidance, I can't speak highly enough of the lovely Bev."

Laura, Wellington

*  "Bev Short - life style coach extraordinaire! Taking part in Bev's 8 week one to one coaching is one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. Sound, solid, practical lessons in gaining a healthy life. I never once felt like I was on a diet and yet lost a substantial amount of weight during the 8 weeks, and it's still coming off slowly. I've made many small changes that really work and feel great. Bev's straightforward, no bull approach really works and I can't recommend her highly enough."

Deborah, Wellington

*  "I signed up with Bev for an 8 week programme - on the recommendation of a friend who had already done it and was looking fabulous.

I am fast approaching my mid-forties with two school aged children, and I work part-time.

I had weight around the middle that seemed to be increasing and was always tired and snappy with the kids (even with 8 hours sleep) - with no motivation to get up and do much of anything at all.

I couldn't see a way to change anything, and had no idea where to start (that would make a difference) even if I did.  This is where Bev works her magic!

I have learned so much about how the body/hormones change at this time of life, and how to combat those changes by altering how and what (and when) I eat.

Bev's weekly coaching sessions have helped me to see that I needed to have personal goals and set expectations and make time for me, and helped me to understand why I felt the way I did before...and how easy it is to change for the better.

The results are phenomenal - given how short a time period 8 weeks seems....I have a lot more energy throughout the whole day and I no longer have the 3pm crash/sugar cravings I used to have.  I no longer feel bloated and lethargic, in fact I now look for opportunities to keep moving rather than sitting down and doing nothing.  I now set aside time to exercise, and actually look forward to the workouts - something that I NEVER thought I would say!

I would recommend Bev to anyone who just isn't sure where to start, and needs a down to earth & honest supporter in their corner to educate, motivate and encourage a lifestyle change for the better."

Trudi - Wellington

*  "I was looking for a personal trainer and then I found Bev who offered the holistic approach I was looking for.  In my mid-late 40s my body was changing and I had put on weight and I felt low on energy.   Bev’s program really appealed as I knew I wanted to make some changes but I had found it hard to change my habits on my own. 

I found Bev to be very supportive and encouraging in our weekly skype sessions.  Working with Bev coincided with a real low point in my life and it was fantastic to have her support and guidance during this time which went over and above what you’d expect from a coach.  I was able to keep on track with this program which made me feel better and had an overall positive impact. 

In the time I worked with Bev I lost the weight I wanted to lose so I was really pleased with that.  I didn’t stick rigidly to my eating plan but by following the principals Bev gave me, altering my portion sizes, eating more nutritious food and cutting out the rubbish made a big difference. Bev also gave me an exercise programme which I’ve been following and I’m now feeling more toned and fitter than I have for a long time.

I liked the way Bev packaged up the information into manageable sessions each week and provided interesting reading material. I find I am now sticking to a new way of eating and prioritising exercise in my life, not because I know I should but because I feel better when I do. 

Bev also recommended a number of books which I’ve been reading & enjoyed.  I found that by working with Bev I was able to make the changes that I’ve been wanting to make for years. Bev’s program focuses on the whole person and ongoing lifestyle changes. I’d definitely recommend working with Bev."

Lee, Wellington

*  "I was lucky enough to meet Bev at a talk she gave in Christchurch. This inspirational woman helped me to get myself back on track with my health and well-being and acknowledge the things in my life that I had the opportunity to change.

I have suffered from irritable bowel syndrome since childhood and have found from time to time I become bored and tired at managing my condition. Bev has taught me how to manage my daily diet and incorporate exercise, good food and relaxation in my daily schedule.

Since I have been following Bev's programme I have become more aware of what my body needs to function on a daily basis. My irritable bowel syndrome is much improved, I am sleeping more soundly and feel so much more relaxed in myself.

Bev made me feel great each time we talked; she is funny, very down to earth and always has the time to listen to what you have to say.

Thank you, Bev, for helping me to get my life back on track again; you are an excellent coach."

Maggie, Christchurch

*  "Six months ago I weighed about 10 kilos more than I was happy with; I was uninspired and overwhelmed.  I knew my eating habits weren't helping, but felt no enthusiasm to make the changes I needed.  Since the birth of my (now adult) children I have weighed 90kg - about size 16.  At that weight I felt strong, capable and could do the activities that give my life meaning: art making, family, gardening, tree planting.  These are activities that require strength, flexibility, and confidence. The extra kilos I was carrying felt like a self-imposed strait jacket. 

I saw Bev’s web presence when I finally decided I needed help and searched 'weight loss for women over 50 years of age' on the computer.  The fact that she herself had been overweight and then educated herself as an over 50 year old person appealed to me.

Bev’s positive and enthusiastic viewpoint on lifestyle changes helped me immensely in the initial weeks when I had none of my own.  She quickly got me eating more which I found counter intuitive.  But, wow, I felt so much better, quickly.  At a certain point about 4 weeks in I realized I could not hold Bev personally responsible for chocolate not being a food group of its own that could be eaten everyday.  This was a turning point for me.

I think looking back on our time together Bev helped me realise that I had lost interest in food after bringing up a family.  I had made no effort to do for myself and my husband, when our age and stage changed, what I would always do for my children, which was to educate myself on what was best for them nutritionally and physically. There were parts of our time together that were hard.  Food has at times been an emotional crutch for me and this was an important part of our discussions. Bev did for me what I had become incapable of doing for myself.  This was to process this new post menopausal, post family cooking, stage of life.

I am very grateful to Bev for myself and my family.  Now I climb hills, make art, have healthy family celebrations, garden and plant trees, enjoying my life.  Bev’s enthusiasm, knowledge and proactive nature have helped me to reach this next stage of my life feeling confident and strong."

Jenny, Wellington

*  "Bev, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful support and encouragement you have given me in the weeks we’ve worked together. The information you gave me with regards to food and what was good – and not so good – has made me aware now of honouring my body. I have learned how to put foods together to balance my hormones which, of course, has been extremely beneficial plus simple things such as reading food labels has made quite a difference to my supermarket buying. You have taught me how to eat well, regain my energy, my enthusiasm and how to think positively about myself."

Usha, Wellington

*  "Bev... Wow I really have to say that you are a blessing to my life and I am privileged to be able to write this testimonial for you.

I had been looking for a personal trainer for over 3 years as I was unable to sort out my health issues. All my medical tests were normal but still I was losing that connection between myself and my body.  It resulted in over eating, weight gain & stress.

I used to work out in the gym and I had tried different methods of changing my food habits but I never succeeded in losing weight.

After I met Bev, I decided to go ahead with her programme as I just loved the words “Feel fabulous at over 40”. One really has to meet her and follow her guided programme to believe it. Bev’s positive and friendly approach definitely gives you that confidence.

I didn’t know that Bev’s program would give me as much as it has – especially at this stage of my life.  It wasn’t just getting a nutrition plan or exercise like I thought it would be but it was a full package of learning to change your lifestyle & habits.

After I began this program I realised it wasn’t just an improper diet that was keeping me this way but that stress and no sleep were also making me overweight and making sure I held onto that weight.  Once you know the cause, it is super easy to understand why your body is not listening to you and what you can do to make it better.

My portion sizes and meal planning and prep are so different now and have become habits that keep my sugar levels steady and I don't feel hungry, tired or dizzy during or after workouts, anymore.

I’ve lost weight (which has never happened before) and now I know there will be more weight loss for sure.  Knowing this has also helped me to reduce my stress quite a lot.

Bev’s program makes it really easy to plan meals and now that I understand more about nutrition and how to read labels properly, I take more care in the supermarket and have discovered a broader range of healthy foods in the racks which I never visited before.

I am also following Bev’s exercise programme which is keeping me active and fit. I was lazy before but now I am learning to put the priorities of my life ahead of anything else.

I still have more to achieve but now I am confident that I will reach my goal for sure as I know I am on the right track which is showing me good results.

Bev, I want to wish you the very best for your “Fit and Fabulous at Over 40” program and hope it helps to change the lives of many more women who need it.”

Kiran, Wellington

*  "Bev, I asked for help with losing weight and gaining energy. You set me up on the road to this and more. I've found you inspiring; not just from your knowledge and encouragement, but your vivacious, chirpy and feisty presence. You've been very helpful, challenging and kind as well. In my case it wasn't all about the weight but about some other life circumstances I've needed to address. Thanks for helping me have the courage to do that as well."

Maria, Wellington

*  "Bev is a warm, friendly and empathetic coach who makes you feel like you’re a friend, not a client. Whenever I fell off the food-and-exercise wagon, she’d be there to pick me up in a non-judgemental but professionally supportive way. Bev taught me heaps about the role of food and exercise in my life, especially now I’m menopausal, and I began to understand how my choices affect the way my body works in these later years. I didn’t lose masses of weight, but I gained energy, confidence, insight, understanding and found a plan to stick to going forward.

I also know that if things go wrong—if I start making poor choices again—I’ll have a way to fix things and a friend to turn to when needed.

I warmly recommend Bev’s program to anyone who wants to lose weight, gain more energy and feel like they’re in control of their body instead of the other way round."

Linda, Kapiti Coast

* "I am privileged to be able to write this testimonial for Bev.

WOW to finally learn that diets don’t work has completely changed my relationship with myself and food.

For a very long time, I worked hard at the gym, walked for miles, had beaten up my body and myself over many years with very little success in actually maintaining any weight loss…….until I met Bev

Bev is an inspiration and a fabulous mentor who has opened up new possibilities and opportunities to REALLY take a good look at areas of my life that are not working so well. This has been a life changing experience for me!

Bev is willing to ask the hard questions, take the time to build a positive relationship and walk you through the journey of discovering YOU.  

At first it was uncomfortable and a bit overwhelming with loads of good information to digest however Bev has a wonderful way to bring out the best in you and get you focused on those parts of your life you are experiencing the most difficulty with.

With Bev’s wisdom and guidance I am now stronger, more in control and balanced in every aspect of my life.

You are a treasure and may those who seek the same journey find you soon, very soon!"

Maree, Wellington

*  "It is my pleasure to write this testimonial for Bev.

Back in August 2015 I was at a real low point in my life…it was bad! My marriage and family were falling apart and I really didn’t know where to turn. I needed some time for me and to get my life back so one night I googled ‘Personal Trainers’. There were a few to choose from here in Rotorua where I live. They all seemed to be associated with gyms and I just wasn’t confident in myself to go into a gym and put myself out there. I noticed another name ‘Bev Short’, so I clicked on the link and had a read…her profile and what she offered sounded like a great place to start as her philosophy was to focus on women over 40, so I made contact.

It was the best decision I ever made and I haven’t looked back since meeting her. We skyped every week and I tracked everything I ate and any exercise I did (which was minimal at the start). Her encouragement definitely kept me going. I really looked forward to our meetings and Bev taught me so much about food and nutrition. There were definitely times when I felt like I was failing but she always motivated me and got me back on track.

Bev made me put myself first and I learned that unless I did that nothing was really going to get any better. I can’t thank her enough for changing my life!"

Forever Changed, Sara from Rotorua

*  "I recently completed a Program with Bev Short as a way of kickstarting some lifestyle changes. After attending a Meetup session led by Bev focussing on menopausal health for women I was so impressed that I enrolled in her Feel Fabulous at Over 40! Program. The course has been very successful due to the supportive coaching and clear and detailed materials created and supplied by Bev. Her coaching style really suited me as she was firm in a friendly way. She was incredibly supportive and it is thanks to her that I have changed some significant aspects of my lifestyle and am seeing the rewards. I would recommend Bev to anyone needing significant lifestyle changes at midlife. I can speak from personal experience, as Bev has enabled me to improve my diet, sleep and exercise."

Fleur, Wellington

*  "It is with great pleasure that I submit this testimonial for Bev Short.

From the moment I met Bev, 6 months ago, I was impressed by her professionalism and her empathy for my situation and circumstances. She was attentive and listened carefully to my 'issues' and what I wanted to achieve, then she assured me that working together we would succeed. I left that meeting feeling relieved and excited about my life again and my life has only got better!

Bev is a perky pocket-rocket of positivity, energy and enthusiasm for women [40+ in particular] living fit, healthy and fulfilled lives. She is a great communicator and right from the word go she has shown only support and commitment to helping me to regain my flexible, fit, healthy, happy self. From week to week Bev has continually encouraged me to look at the positives and not dwell on the negatives and her non-judgmental approach has helped me to focus and continue to move forward.

Although we started out fairly ordinarily, setting goals for eating and exercise plans etc, our weekly Skype sessions have grown and extended well beyond just this to include other aspects of my life including my emotional state, my relationships, my work life, my fears and my future aspirations and dreams. Bev has increasingly challenged me to look at those parts of my life where I am having difficulties or I am stuck and work on them until they are resolved. Despite not yet achieving the fitness goals that I initially set for myself back in July, I have made significant changes in other areas of my life that are positively impacting and improving my life and the lives of those I love.

There is still much more for me to do but thanks to Bev the journey is easier as I am not doing it alone, I have Bev Short to partner me for as long as I need her! Kia ora Bev!" 

Trish, Porirua

*  "Completing Bev’s program was the best thing I’ve done for my health and well-being in a very long time. I was a classic yo-yo dieter, having tried and failed with just about every diet on the market, and I came across Bev’s website at the start of the year when I was looking to try yet another diet! 

I loved how Bev’s program focused on all aspects of my life.  It wasn’t about starving myself or over exercising but instead it encouraged me to put myself first and to take better care of me. It was fantastic to have Bev with me every step of the journey; she was my personal cheerleader but also held me accountable to the goals I set myself. I’m excited to start the next stage of this journey knowing that Bev has set me up with all the knowledge and tools that I need to be successful."

Nicola, Wellington

*  "Bev is the real deal and the whole package. She has a wealth of knowledge amassed through her own journey to a healthier lifestyle and she shares that with her clients. Not only is it about nutrition, health and exercise but it's also about really listening. Sometimes that was the most powerful aspect for me when the daily grind was tough. I lost the weight, changed some habits and feel great. It is a work in progress but I feel a lot more confident that I can continue the good work Bev and I started together. Thank you!"

Anita, Christchurch

*  "Bev's coaching has truly changed my life.  During our time together I have regained my energy and lost weight!  Bev showed me how to change my eating habits and to fit exercise into my life.  I have tried many diets before seeing Bev which had only temporary results.  Bev's program has set me on the path to healthy eating, a consistent weight and a happier life!"

Ellie, Wellington

*  "When I was in Europe last autumn, I ran into an old friend whom I had not seen for a year, and who was looking amazing. She looked very fit and healthy and she had lost quite a bit of weight too, in a relatively short period of time. She explained that a friend who was into body sculpting had made a personalised exercise and food plan for her. She seemed to be eating a lot with her food plan, which made me wonder, but apparently combined with the exercising it really seemed to work.  

When back in New Zealand I came across Bev’s website, Fitness for Women, where she writes about combining exercise with changing one’s eating habits. Since I was ready to tackle my not-so-healthy lifestyle, but I knew I needed some help, I wrote to Bev and it turned out her approach was very similar to my friend’s. 

At first, when starting on my nutrition plan, I thought I was never going to lose weight eating the quantities I was allowed to, but I did. Every week a little; some weeks more than others, but I tried not to be impatient and to just keep going and adhere to the plan. If I had been more rigorous I may have lost more weight but I was applying the rules of the plan in a way that was manageable for myself, and I was in for the long-haul anyway.

In the short period of time since starting with Bev, I am feeling so much fitter and healthier. Working out, going out for long walks or runs has become a standard part of my daily schedule and I am loving it a lot (as are my dogs!) and losing weight has now become more a by-product instead of a main goal. I am half-way to where I want to go and I now know I will get there shortly.

For those of you that have tried many ‘diets’ before - give Bev and her programme a try. I stuck to it and it really paid off!"

Corinne, Abel Tasman

*  “Bev did a great job in listening to the practicalities of my busy work/life and she helped me focus on small achievable changes that have collectively created a stronger, healthier me."

Helen, Wellington

*  "Bev's programme has enabled me to really understand the impact food can have on regulating hormones.  Since following her recommended nutrition plan I have had a dramatic decrease in my mood swings and other menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes.  I am sleeping well and am back in control of my emotions and eating habits."

Kim, Wellington

*  "I met Bev at the end of 2013.  She made my goal to return to health and fitness a total life change.  She pushed me physically and mentally and went far beyond the role of simply a physical trainer.  The recipes, the encouragement, the not letting me get away with anything all helped to engrain lasting change in my life.  I’m sure she has contributed to extending my life and has certainly made it more enjoyable.  I am grateful for her passion and the care she has taken of me and I know I am better for the experience.”

Tracy, Brooklyn



*  "Finding Bev was like a light going on!  I'd been to gyms but became increasingly annoyed at young trainers who had no interest or understanding of my life as a middle aged woman, wife and working mother of 3.  I wanted to get fit, drop some weight and boost my energy and they didn't understand how a woman 40+ wants to exercise or what keeps us motivated.  

I found Bev just as I turned 50.  With her, I've done all of the above with the added extra of feeling happier and healthier.  Bev is not only a great Personal Trainer but with her you get so much more: understanding of food and nutrition, recipes, encouragement and helping me take control of my life to fit it all in.  My sessions with Bev are an investment in me and for the next 30 years of my life.  It's been a real mind shift to put myself first, but investing in the few hours a week that I have with Bev has given me more energy not only for myself but to share with others."

Claire, Wadestown



*  “When I first met Bev I was unfit, unhealthy and didn't know how to treat my body properly. Bev helped me change my attitude towards the way I live and gave me the knowledge to do so. She helped me with a training programme which led to me completing a triathlon three months after meeting her! She's motivating, fun, energetic and inspiring and can help you achieve any of your lifestyle goals.”

Nea, Mount Cook



*  “Bev is professional, highly skilled and passionate about fitness and nutrition. Her consistent encouragement and feedback, along with her warm personality, ‘down to earth’ nature and her extensive knowledge of exercise and nutrition, inspired me to achieve my weight loss goals. At 40, I have never felt stronger, fitter or healthier.  She is definitely ‘the real deal’ when it comes to personal trainers!”

Anna, Karori



*  “Bev Short is a truly excellent personal trainer who works the whole body both physically & emotionally.  Because of this I have become a mentally stronger, more confident, person. Her professionalism is outstanding and the individual programmes are challenging yet achievable.  I can recommend Bev without any reservation.”

Trevor, Wellington



*  “I approached Bev to work with my 17 year old daughter who had taken exercise and dieting too far and needed some sound and sensible advice to get back on track. Bev was professional, supportive and frank about what was needed. She listened to my concerns and to my daughter’s needs, and provided very helpful dietary advice, a sound programme of strengthening exercises and the right amount of encouragement and support. Bev was very approachable and always happy to discuss how things were going. My daughter has made very good progress, and I am thankful to Bev for her knowledge and advice when it was most needed.”

B M Graham, Wellington



*  “Since working with Bev I have found that I am making positive changes towards a healthier life.  Bev’s holistic approach means she not only puts together personal training programmes tailored to suit me, she also emphasises the importance of nutrition.  Her knowledge and guidance has enlightened me to the importance of the combination of both eating well and regular exercise.  I find Bev to be a down to earth, realistic, supportive and motivating person who wants the best for me.  It makes a real difference to have a trainer that is as committed as Bev is and who wants you so much to succeed.”

Anh-Dao, Lyall Bay



* "When I joined up with Bev I knew I had to do something to get fitter and lose some weight as I had been diagnosed with high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  Bev listened to my goals and what I wanted to do to change.  She advised me about what I needed and encouraged me to attempt something new and totally out of my comfort zone.  Bev has given me a ‘push’ and put me on a successful path to reach my goals in body and mind – lifetime changes.  It’s all about small steps and taking each day as it comes.  Bev talks about lifestyle change being a journey and reminds me regularly that it’s “little and often” that counts."

Jo, Wellington



*  "Being diagnosed with chronic fatigue was a setback to say the least. Bev set me on the path to my recovery with the tools, programs and introduction to ideas to help me. It's now no longer a case of if but, when, I'll get well again. Thanks Bev!"

 Dean, Wellington